Ali Lowndes

Welcome to City and Grace, my cozy little corner of the internet. 

Here you will find glimpses of life in Los Angeles and inspiration to connect with and give back to the city. Sprinkled amongst the pages will also be my musings on faith and marriage as well as as my travel and lifestyle memoirs. 

How did you get to LA?

I grew up in north east Ohio right next to beautiful Lake Erie. I loved the arts growing up and went on to major in Film Studies and Fiction Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. After college, I moved to LA to pursue a career in the film industry. I have lived here 5 years and have never been more in love with a city! My husband Jeff and I live on the Westside and continue to explore LA and the world together. Our hope is that others will find and make a home here. We long to see the community of LA restored. 

Why did you start a blog?

I started this blog when I moved to LA to have a creative space online. What began as a public diary has turned into a love letter to life in LA.

What is on your YouTube channel?

I make day-in-the-life vlogs as a way to chronicle my story and share it with others. I will also be launching an interview series spotlighting men and women who are giving back to LA!