My Santa Barbara Bachelorette

I love bachelorette parties. I love the idea of whole weekend devoted to eating good food, dressing up, going out and all in the company of close girlfriends. I've attended quite a few amazing  Bachelorette weekends. For mine, however, I wanted it to be shorter and more cost effective so that more [mom] friends would be able to participate.

I knew that it would be in the SoCal area and had pitched a few ideas to my MOHs Sarah and Loee. I had no idea that what they planned would match my hopes so perfectly.

We started off the day at Loee's house, with mimosas and donuts. Um. My life.


Then Surprise! Our very own party bus arrived to take us off to...I knew not where.

After more mimosas and singing, we played a few rounds of Who Knows Who Best and guess who gave the panties. I'd say I won both games :)

After about 2 hours (which flew by thanks to Iggy Azalea, and a lot of bubbly) we arrived at mystery destination #1 Bridlewood Estate Winery in beautiful Santa Barbara.

We sipped our flights and shot photos. Bridlewood is a gorgeous and grand vineyard and I would definitely recommend it for larger parties.

After a little while, we retired to the generous back lawn for a home made picnic care wine, raspberries and Madelines for days...

After lunch and a few tumbles in the grass we made our way to winery #2 Buttonwood Winery. Buttonwood is a quaint rustic farm with fresh fruit right across the road.

We grabbed our second flight round and made our way with a few purchased bottles to the picnic tables. We shared stories just sat for a while recalling all of our engagements (I was the only unmarried one in the bunch).

After deciding that we were just too stuffed for a formal dinner near by, we opted to get back on the 1 and watch the sunset over the water. We grabbed In-n-Out in Ojai (for the win) and danced our way back to the city of lights ;) Instead of going out (who could dance after a PCH fest that fun?) a few of us tucked in with 10 Things I Hate About You.

It was one of the best days of my life....


~ A ~