Photo: bloguettes

This past summer I had the accidental blessing of being able to attend an incredible conference in downtown Los Angeles. If you are not familiar with Bloguettes they are a team of bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs dedicated to equipping other web fanatics with the tools they need to run a successful blog or online business. If ever there was a sign from the Lord that I was meant to keep blogging - it was this.

The event was held downtown at the Hudson Loft, an amazing venue for just about any type of meeting. Two of the attendees help run their operations and are super sweet. I would highly suggest the location if you are interested in the a chic alternative to a normal office building.

What brought me here initially was volunteering to help my best friend Amy install her floral arrangements at the event. It was the best job I could take that weekend. As you can see below, she is the most talented florist in LA (and you can quote me). Her whimsical designs filled the space with color and life.

We spent the morning with our sprawled out blooms and put the finishing touches on the tables and displays. 

Photo: bloguettes

As the misty morning progressed, we met and mingled over brunch sandwiches and took our initial grams. 

The Bloguettes branding workshop is divided into 2 days. The first day was devoted to discussions about branding, social media and featured guest speakers who have made their marks in the online world. We learned about how to find and create a brand image as well the importance of claiming your voice and sharing your vision. We also took head shots and practiced the art of the perfect instagram. 

The second day was devoted to Photoshop tutorials and editing content. Our fearless leaders Sakura and Lorena (co-founders of Bloguettes) guided us through lesson after lesson of creating a well designed post and page. We were also given helpful booklets that outlined the basics of Photoshop and text editing. 

Then it was time for group shots! No branding workshop could be complete without a little bit of photo fun. 

Photo: bloguettes

Thank you so much again to the wonderful women of Bloguettes. Your encouragement meant the world and I am still utilizing the lessons you taught us. It was a beautiful weekend, and what a beautiful bunch of women to share it with. 

You can learn more about the two day branding workshop here!