City and Grace and 2016 !

Happy New Year! Yes it is February first but I am still celebrating 2016 and all of the newness that comes along with hitting restart on our lives. For me, this year is more about hitting START. My resolutions are to post more videos, share more of my story and be brave in my every day life. 

My husband Jeff and I spent January first at Griffith Observatory looking out over our glittering city at night. It was one of the most magical moments. There we were on the precipice of a new year with all the intentions and emotions of a year's past on our shoulders. We took deep breaths, prayed, and in one shining wind blown minute we felt 2015 roll off into the palm tree oblivion of Hollywood and realized we had in fact begun again. 

We spent an hour just staring and recording and talking about our hopes and dreams for the next 12 months and beyond. 

It's no secret amongst my friends that I am enamored with Los Angeles. I hope you get to see and experience my love for this city more through this blog. 

Check out my vlog of the new year on my Youtube channel or by clicking PLAY on the video below. I hope you enjoy seeing how we kick started a new year adventure in the greatest city in the world. (Yes, I just wrote that). 

Here's to more LA love in 2016!


~ A ~