Committed to Life in LA

When I was younger, I dreamt of living in a big city. Whether it was New York, London, LA, Chicago, I knew in my heart of hearts that I would end up in the city.

City life has always appealed to me in dramatic ways. I am a text book extrovert. I love being around people and find it always gives me energy and life. I knew I had to live in a city because I needed to be fueled by it. Not to be dramatic, but I think I might just fade away anywhere else. I also love the busy-ness of a city. I love the stacked, packed, colorful, stimulating world that a city has to offer. Call me crazy but I love the feeling of being cramped and surrounded by people and things - hence, city life is the way for me. 

Los Angeles, in particular, became my first choice after college because it is the mecca of the film industry. I originally moved out here to pursue a career in entertainment. Now, it has become my true home and the city in which my husband and I are committed to - for life. We feel a deep devotion to the place and the people, a calling from God to be here and to love this city together. 

I know what you are thinking..."Seriously? You are crazy!" We understand that, but let me tell you something. Even in the chaos of traffic, high prices and smog, this city is located in one of the most beautiful regions on earth. From a single vantage point I can see both snow capped mountains and swaying palm trees against a glittering ocean. I can surf and ski in the same day. I can get lost amongst a sea of galleries, museums and restaurants. 

My grandma calls California God's Country and I could not agree more. It is so beautiful here - mountains and tropics in one giant county. Unlike other regions of the state, there is so much diversity here both culturally and socio-economically. This fact enriches the city even more - the access and exposure to so many people groups nestled in one breath-taking landscape. 

Think I sound like too much of a romantic? Well I am a romantic for Los Angeles. I love it. I am for it. And I hope to give back to LA while I am here. 

Curious even a little bit? Check back here for more LA, more Southern California and more glimpses of life in God's Country. 


~ A ~