Girl's Night In

I am a part of a small church community here in LA called Soma Culver City. Our women's ministry has evolved a lot over the last couple years into a rhythm of quarterly events. Last year we began having our Missional Community small groups plan get togethers for all the women (and female friends) of our church body. The gears started moving and our leaders began to outline a series of day trips and parties to bring us all closer. 

Our first official "Women's Night" was held at my dear friend Katie's Redondo Beach house and was themed around a Girl's Night In. It was an absolute blast. First off, Katie has the best interior design sense and her house provided such a warm and inviting backdrop for 20+ women to spend an evening together. 

We began the night with snacks and drinks, complete with an all too comprehensive ice cream bar. There were cozy couch corners made for catching up and tables made for manicures and fun little moments. 

The women in our church, both new or veteran, mixed and mingled amongst friends, re-connecting or chatting for the first time. Despite our varying schedules, obligations and general life busy-ness, we were all able to relax and kick back in the comfort of one gorgeous home together.

The night progressed with conversations, wine, photos and more sundaes. Then the real party started when we turned Katie's living room into our very own karaoke lounge. We sang along to the Wii and danced on the hearth. It was the best kick off to a new season of Soma Ladies we could have asked for.

Stay tuned for more Soma ladies trips and happenings on the blog! Comment below if you have any fun ideas for what to do on a girl's night (or day) out!


~ A ~