Midsummer's Eve ~ A Retro Portland Wedding

I am obsessed with weddings. I cherish every minute of celebrating true love with music, champagne, and insane amounts of dancing. I love how happy people are and seeing the pure joy of marriage on people's faces. I love the gowns and the bow ties, the special desserts and twinkle lights. I love the rows of chairs and tables and all the hanging tulle. I have been fortunate enough to attend a lot of weddings recently and now I want to share those stories on my blog. 

My earliest home videos were of my best friend's weddings and I have to credit a lot of my creativity to the inspiration that weddings bring. From the beautiful locations and decor to the tales of love and friendship (and of course the beautiful dresses and suits) weddings are such a wonderful picture of all that is right in the world. In my opinion, weddings are the closest taste of heaven we get here on earth. 

Wedding videographers can be crazy expensive but I think it's so important to capture that day. For my friends in particular, most of them opted out of having someone shoot their nuptials. So I took it upon myself to film everything I could on my iPhone, point and shoot and now my DSLR. Looking back, they weren't super professional but they were honest and true to what took place (from my perspective at least). It brings me so much joy to be able to share my videos with my friends and know they have something to look back on. I love looking back at those weekends too. 

The first wedding I want to share is my father-in-law's, to his amazing wife Theresa. They had a Retro-sixties-brady-bunch-inspired-midsummers-eve-style-wedding in Portland last June.

The rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony were held in their backyard garden and the reception at the neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant. The bridal party featured Theresa's 3 gorgeous daughters and Tim's 3 handsome sons. It was the perfect pairing.

They hired a chef friend to cater the rehearsal and having it at their house provided such a comfortable space for a new family to form. I was so touched to hear the stories that brought the couple together and to be-friend my new sisters.

The ceremony the next day was sunny and wonderful. Tim and Theresa exchanged vows they wrote themselves and exited to all of us singing a flashmob chorus of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". We sipped Tim's large collection of wine at the house before diving into a Mediterranean feast and dancing down the road. 

Theresa styled the wedding herself, altering a gown to the perfect tea length and curating for her daughters the perfect array of vintage style dresses. The men were clad in gray and blue and the nieces wore the prettiest shade of buttermilk yellow as the flower girls. I got the chance to help make the flower arrangements for all the events. Despite the hard work it was so enjoyable. I loved helping the bridal party and getting my hands dirty in piles of bulbs, petals and stems. 

My favorite highlights from the weekend included the hand constructed Midsummer's Eve Maypole (it was incredible), the Swedish women's chorus, and the surprise belly dancer at dinner.

Tim and Theresa's wedding was truly special and I am so happy that I got to capture pieces of the weekend for them to look back on. I got my first taste of Swedish Culture with Theresa's family and felt at home amongst such an amazing group of men and women. Be sure to watch my wedding vlog over on my YouTube channel and check back here for more wedding stories!


~ A ~