Quiet Time and Playa Provisions

I believe it is possible to have different types of soul mates. Of course I am deeply in love with Jesus, and then my husband, but I have to add a few of my female best friends into that mix as well. My best friend Amy has been my accountability partner for the last 9 months and I can honestly say we are soul mates. 

Amy keeps me in check, she cares for my heart and pursues me in honest love and friendship. Add in the fact that we operate on similar wave lengths, get excited about all the same things and are both incredibly talkative. 

We had our January meet up at Playa Provisions in Playa del Rey and indeed it was a provision. Although I will keep the details of our chats private to honor our trust, I will from time to time share what God is revealing to me through our friendship. 

We started our date off with catch ups and coffee and I tucked into an incredible Dulce de leche Scone. This was undoubtedly the best scone I have ever had and I will say one of the best baked goods I've found in LA. 

Oh. M'gosh. Please treat yourself to one if you ever find yourself in this little beach side cafe. 


hat day Amy shared with me another incredible treat, a tool she uses to spend time with God. It is the Tim Keller Quiet Time method. It looks like this:

Four Steps: 

1. Quiet Yourself — Focusing: to prepare to meet with your Lord 

2. Bible Reading — Listening: to understand the truth 

3. Meditation — Reflecting: to sense the reality of the truth in your heart 

4. Response — Speaking: to see God at work in your life, the lives of others, and the world 

1. Quiet Yourself: Silence… Simple Prayer… Quiet Music or Hymn…. Deep Breathing… Take a few minutes to focus on God and to shut out distractions. Experiment. Vary this. 

2. Bible Reading: Slowly read the scripture passage 2-3 times, inviting the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s truth to you. Read for understanding. Write down answers to the following: • What does this text tell me about God? (e.g. His names, attributes, desires, promises, commands) • What does it tell me about mankind? (e.g. nature of man, examples to avoid or follow) 

3. Meditation: Become aware of God’s loving presence and read the passage again. Notice how He might be speaking to you through His Word. Dwell on a word or a phrase that jumps out at you. Record answers to the following: • What truth has caught the attention of my heart or mind? (e.g. a command to be obeyed, a comfort to be savored, a characteristic of God to be grasped) • Think about this truth. What is it really saying? Put it into your own words. • Why is God showing me this today? As thoughts become clear or convicting, write them down. • If this truth is alive in my life, how would I be different? (e.g. How does God want to transform my heart, thinking, habits, relationships?) 

4. Response: Talk to God about this truth. Some find the ACTS model of prayer helpful. But the essence is simply to respond to what God has shown you. Be yourself; ask questions; try not to rush. A response can also be silence or tears. • Adore God for who He is (e.g. His attributes revealed in this passage) • Confess the sinful emotions, attitudes, and behavior that result when we forget who He is • Thank God for what He has done (e.g. His grace to forgive and heal us) • Supplicate (ask) for comfort and help in applying this truth today.

[source: http://www.redeemer.com/]

My intention is to start integrating this into my weekly routine. I have always struggled with "quiet time". I find it hard and unsettling to stop, steady myself and just listen. I am looking forward to challenging myself with this method in the months to come. I challenge you to do the same! 


~ A ~