Sacramento Weekend: Flower Farm Inn

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am OBSESSED with flowers. Ever since I was younger, I have had an obsession with all things floral. From the first rose my Dad cut for me, to the bouquets my husband still brings me - I have loved collecting and experiencing flowers.

When Laurie suggested we spend Monday morning at the Flower Farm Inn in Loomis I was immediately smitten. How could this not be a great start to the day? We arrived just in time for brunch and enjoyed our plates out on the back patio. It was an odd but quant little area, near an old water mill and pond. It was sunny and peaceful and a cool alternative to somewhere like The Porch. Dining out while traveling can definitely add up but I liked that we got to explore different spots while we were up in the area.

After brunch we decided to stretch our legs and take a walk around the property. We didn't have the time to explore the actual nursery, but instead wondered around by the farmhouse where Laurie and Daniel got married. They showed us the barn and the alter as well as the little cottages where guests can book a stay.

Being at the Farm felt like stepping back into a Jane Austen novel. The sweet little houses were tucked back into the gardens of the Inn. There was a beautiful arbored workshop and a chicken coop - I could have easily hung out there all day pretending I was curating a garden for the aristocrats of the day. That's pretty dramatic I know - but it really felt like we interrupted some space stuck in time. I thoroughly approve of anywhere I can pretend to exist in a bygone era. My love of period costume dramas and gardens were entwined that afternoon, and I got sort of lost in my own imagination.

And the furry white chickens added an element of whimsy to the bizarre.

The Flower Farm village was so charming. I tried to capture some more of the cottages but realized there might actually be guests in them! 

With my roaming at bay we walked back towards the cafe and I snapped some flowers on the way out. 

I would love to return to the nursery sometime and truly experience the flowers of the Flower Farm, but I would highly suggest the B&B if you are in the area. It really felt like a little oasis in the middle of the suburbs and the food wasn't half bad either.


~ A ~