Sacramento Weekend: The Porch and Capitol Building

On Saturday morning, Laurie suggested we go to one of her favourite brunch spots near the Capitol Building. I was anxious to see downtown Sac so we dropped off the kiddos and made our way toThe Porch Restaurant and Bar

Although the restaurant had a spacious interior we thought it was more befitting that we sit on the actual porch. The sun was high and it was such a warm day - too warm to not enjoy a little out door breakfast. The menu was full of country classics done with an elegant twist. I opted for the Avocado Scramble and shared some of Laurie's delicious Grilled Brie. Daniel ordered the classic Biscuit and Eggs and Jeff chose the Hash-Up. 

The food was incredible and the grilled brie was definitely my favourite - I fully support Laurie's decision to make a meal of it. As the sun got higher (and we got hotter) we decided to leave the car and walk off the heavy brunch. We took a brisk path through the city on our way to the Capitol building. 

It was love at first sight.

Just look at how beautiful she is! I was honestly filled with a silly amount of pride to call this place MY state capitol. I would mark it down as one of the solidifying moments of mine and Jeff's commitment to LA (and to California). We naturally had to document it properly. 

We played around in front of the building and I fully enjoyed my California fan girl freak out. High on that easy life, we made our way back to the car and drove around the city center. It was exciting to see all the developing parts of downtown. From the new arena to sprouting business parks, it was cool to know that Sacramento is growing. You can read more on the evolving downtown area here. I hope to explore more of the Capital very very soon, and spend a day on the lawns of it's historic landmark. Being in this place felt a lot like coming home and I have to say, Eureka! I have found it. 


~ A ~