Downtown Diaries: Bottega Louie Brunch

Here is the next chapter of my Downtown Diaries. My best friend, Loee, and I set aside an entire day to spend together in downtown LA. Even though we got caught in the rain after some fresh blow-outs, we were determined to continue our girl-date!

We walked a whole 2 blocks from the hair salon to brunch at Bottega Louie The restaurant is located at Wilshire and South Hope street and OhMy. Goodness. I have never been more enamored with an eatery. I had sampled their food via Uber Eats (a delicious lunch delivered in a bright pink box) but I had no idea the source was so palatial.

Bottega Louie may be my favorite restaurant in terms of atmosphere. It is breathtaking. The large open air room is full of light streaming in through cathedral windows. The floors are made of marble and tables stretch out in every direction, and the smell! The sweet aroma from the bakery fills every corner. I imagine the halls of heaven will look like this place. 

Obviously, I fell in love immediately. I mean it's a bakery and a restaurant. Bakers actively craft macaroons while guests wait for their food to be prepared by another group of incredible chefs. Both teams work in exposed kitchens divided by gilded glass walls teasing on-lookers as they walk to their tables. 

Loee and I were seated in a small corner booth (I love a good booth). As we browsed the menus I couldn't help but people-watch from our cozy corner. I love seeing different types of people all over the city. There was a variety of young friends snapping Instagrams of their food, families feeding their babies, and a few old men with their papers enjoying some eggs benedict. The restaurant is it's own melting pot and I imagined these people living only blocks from Bottega. I sat and tried to picture how different their lives looked from mine, yet another sub-culture within the LA city limits.

When our server came around we ordered coffee and cocoa (my usual) and some sweet breakfast treats. Loee got the French Toast with strawberries and I had the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. I could live off of breakfast food and Bottega Louie's menu options were amazing. We had a hard time deciding but ultimately went sweet. The pancakes were divine, a flavor combination I never thought would go so well together. It was brunch bliss. We sipped, and shared and chatted about how we need to plan more adventures. We also agreed to take EVERYONE who visits LA to Bottega Louie because it is impossible not to leave smitten. 

That embossed napkin...

After we had our fill on brunch we ambled over to the bakery. Bottega Louie offers an entire collection of unique gifts and desserts. We took our time gazing upon the beautifully wrapped pastel boxes of macarons and chocolates. There were piles of homemade cookies and candies, and jars of signature sauces and syrups. I made a mental wish list for friends and family when gift giving seasons come around! Honestly I would buy one of those boxes for myself, if only to stare at it on my counter. And the macaron towers? I'll take one to go. 

Loee had never had a real macaron, freshly made in a gourmet patisserie. After carefully browsing the selections in every color and flavor imaginable, we selected a couple treats and dragged ourselves out of the shop. I could have just sat there in that marble palace all day if not for the fact that more adventures awaited us!

We left the restaurant happy little campers. The sun had finally come out and we were ready to take on the city, armed with delicious cookies and each other.

Stay tuned for more downtown explorations. And go visit Bottega Louie stat!