One Year Anniversary Photos

On April 25th, 2015 I married my best friend. This weekend we are celebrating the one year anniversary of the greatest party we have ever thrown. And although I have no idea what he has planned for us - I cannot wait for our adventure.


Adventure is the perfect word to encapsulate our first year of marriage. We both got to see and experience each other's highs and lows on very real level. [More to come on that soon]  I never realized marriage wouldn't just be about merging two lives but about actually creating a completely different one. We have gotten to create this whole new life together with new habits and routines and hobbies, many of which I hope to share on this blog. Amongst all the newness also came incredible new friends. We have been surrounded by people who share our love of exploring the city and capturing life.

Last weekend our incredibly talented friend Caleb Thal photographed us at the Exposition Park Rose Gardens, the place where we got engaged. Caleb is the best. He not only captures amazing moments but he has also taught us so much about photography and film. Please go check him out.

We could not be more grateful for this past year, the crazy parts and the joyous parts and for everyone who has been a part it. Here's to years two to infinity...

All photos by

Caleb Thal Visual


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