Food and Games at Picnic LA

A couple weeks ago, my friend Lindsay and I met up in Downtown Culver City to enjoy some lunch and catch up time. As Downtown Culver is one of my favorite areas in all of LA, I was so excited that a new restaurant had opened in what was once an empty shop corner at Culver Blvd. and Duquesne. 

This particular corner boasts a gorgeous street view of Culver City City Hall, it's gardens and the historic Culver Theatre (now known as the Kirk Douglas).  I used to frequent the same spot years ago when it was a french restaurant. Now, Picnic LA has reclaimed the space as farm-to-table eatery boasting an assortment of incredible seasonal dishes and desserts. 

The environment is open and airy with plenty of modern wooden tables and floor to ceiling windows which allow guests to really feel like they are eating outdoors. The decor is contemporary but eclectic and I am seriously envious of the California State wall. 

Within minutes of waiting for Lindsay to arrive, the staff had already greeted me and asked if they could be of any help. They appeared as excited to see me as I was to sample their menu. Once reunited, Lindsay and I made our way over to the lengthy counter display where dishes, pans and bowls displayed the day's bounty. 

As quickly as our eyes met the colorful spread of salads, meats and vegetables, we snatched a menu and perused the descriptions. Picnic LA has adopted the growing trend of a build-your-own plate style meal.  You can choose a grouping of 1 entree with salads or simply select items a la carte. 

Once our selections had been made our friendly Picnic hand had them plated and handed off to us down the line. I chose the Roasted Summer Squash, Creamy Cauliflower Soup (topped with Bacon) and naturally opted for dessert with their famous Key Lime Pie Bar. 

Lindsay chose the Grass-fed Brisket Meatballs with a side of the Creamy Cauliflower Soup and the Garden of Little Gem Salad with green goddess dressing. 

I can honestly report that our food was exceptional. The flavors and textures were perfectly combined and the knowledge that each dish was grown in California made lunch taste even better. 

Not only is the food amazing and any lunch customizable but Picnic LA also provides an added treat for any guest should they choose it - a hidden trove of table games. We grabbed a box of Chinese checkers (a game I used to love but haven't played in years) and gabbed about love and life while nibbling our dessert. 

I think Lindsay and I must have sat at that table for 2 hours eating, talking and playing. Not once did we feel rushed or crowded and we were kindly served by one of the co - owners, Eliot, who checked in from time to time to see if we needed anything. Delicious food, fun and kind service too?! Sign me up for a regular spot at Picnic LA. I cannot wait to take Jeff and our friends back to this unassuming corner restaurant. 

I closed out our trip with a lesson in locally sourced produce. While I was taking my final snaps, Eliot introduced himself and shared their passion for providing fresh, organic, farmers market goods. He also told me about how they often partner with services like the Farmers Market Fairy to ensure they are getting the best of the best each season. 

Thanks to Eliot and team for an amazing lunch date. I can't wait to make a return trip soon!


~ A ~


{Picnic LA has sinced closed but I will surely follow the teams' next venture}