B Sweet Please

I discovered B Sweet when trying to show out-of-town friends that LA has an amazing dessert scene. The first time I went was an absolute mish'. We had just finished Sunday dinner and realized the restaurant closes at 8 pm. At 7:40, I called the restaurant and begged them to stay open for us (a party of 12) and promised we would be there in 15 minutes. Not only did they keep the doors open but they also gave us some of the best service and desserts I have had to date. 

The other night my friend Brianna and I made our way back to B Sweet as a craving had grown quite strong since my first visit. The shop is located in the heart of Sawtelle's Little Osaka district. Although it is small and the line grows quite long (always a good sign) the servers move quickly. We have never had to wait to long for our treats. 

B Sweet's claim to fame is their signature Bread Pudding. I had never really eaten the stuff before B Sweet but now I find myself scanning for it on menus. The shop posts their flavors of the week on a chalk board near the front of the store, tickling your fancy before you are even in line. 

In the event you don't care for Bread Pudding - shocking I know - B Sweet also offers up an array of baked desserts and ice creams. I highly recommend the Bread Pudding but I have also had the Sluttiest Brownie and it did not disappoint. 

Brianna and I made our way to the counter and chose between two sizes (Being Bad and Being Good) and multiple pudding flavors. The staff is super accommodating and encouraging, often suggesting you add a scoop of their ice cream on top of your pudding. This is an excellent choice but be warned it will fill you to the brim.

Oh just take a look at those delectables... 

We were Good and got 2 small boxes of Snickerdoodle and Peanut Butter Chocolate Bread Pudding. 

I highly suggest B Sweet if you are on the West Side or if you just enjoyed some delicious Ramen on Sawtelle and are fancying a sweet night cap. I have visited the shop a handful of times now and have enjoyed every spoonful.


~ A ~