Downtown Diaries: Faith & Flower

Jeff and I don’t often treat ourselves to LA’s upper-scale eateries. We usually prefer to eat local (Westside) and keep things budget friendly for the everyday Angeleno. On this occasion, however, Jeff wanted to take me out on the town and explore a spot he had been recommended to more times than he could count. On a late Saturday evening, we made our way downtown to Faith & Flower at the corner of East 9th and South Flower Street. 

I knew very little when we arrived but was immediately smitten with the retro vibes of the place. I love Downtown at dusk. And as the sun set across E. 9th, the restaurant came alive amidst golden lamps and art deco windows dividing the various sections of the space. 

--- > Cue mental scheduling of multiple return trips. This restaurant may in fact have my favorite ambience of anywhere I have been to date.

We were seated a classic round booth on the east side gallery and given our menu books. Yes, the menu arrives as a book complete with passages and prose, and as our server pointed out a slew of beverage and food menus for the reader's enjoyment. Lengthy descriptions of cocktails and dinners littered the pages and I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. So much to choose! How would one decide?! We took it on good authority that asking our server for all of his recommendations would be our best bet and he did not steer us wrong. 

We went with a selection of small plates including the Scallop Ceviche, Fresh Burata Pizza, and Oxtail Agnolotti. 

We also tried their infamous English Milk Punch. I remember the cocktail being strong and the feeling I had stepped into a party at Gatsby’s even stronger. Letting my mind wonder for just a minute to West Egg I dreamt of a time where this sort of casual luxury might be considered normal. I do hope it will be some day. 

As any date night is not complete with the dessert, we went for the made-in-house Hazelnut Chocolate Feuilletine. Complements to the chef because these little delights were simply that, delightfully light and sweet. A perfect way to finish a dinner rich in flavor and power. 

Everything we tried was amazing and of a much richer quality than we are used to having. I don’t know if Jeff and I can be considered foodies just yet, but Faith & Flower serves a higher caliber of cuisine and I cannot wait until our return trip soon. 

For now, let us imagine a world where all cocktails deserve their own chapter book and every weekend is sweetened with indulgence. 


~ A ~