Getting Lost in Solvang Danish Village

After a delicious picnic lunch at Rideau Vineyard, we made our way over to Solvang Danish Village for shopping and desserts. Rooted in Danish heritage, Solvang Village offers a wide variety of shops, tasting rooms, meeting places, museums and historic churches. Of course our first stop was for some classic danish treats. 

We then spent the next couple of hours getting lost in the busy streets and exploring the boutiques and galleries. 

After a quick stop for fudge, we entered my favorite little shop Edelweiss. This place was bursting from floor to ceiling with magical toys, dolls, collectibles and jewelry. We were not allowed photos but it felt as if I had stepped into a fairy kingdom. 

After a couple hours walk in the heat, we were famished and in desperate need of a respite. We made our way over to the acclaimed Mortensen's Danish Bakery for pastry and a refreshment.  

It is safe to say this was the best danish I have ever had. If you are looking for an eclectic outing or a place to take visiting family, I highly suggest Solvang - there is more than enough to entertain a whole day. 


~ A ~