SOMA Ladies Day in Laguna Beach

Octobers are the BEST in LA which is why we chose Laguna Beach as the backdrop for one of our church's ladies days. Every quarter the women get together for a grand day (or night) out. The only agenda item was a picnic lunch on the sand tapas style. 

We arrived late morning and discovered an art gallery with an impressive collection of Dr. Suess. After we meandered through the shops we found our group under the the big blue umbrella and spent time catching up. I love a good conversation circle and the ladies and I talked and gushed about how refreshing and restful it is to spend quality time together. 

When people think about rest and what it means to them, I think they often arrive somewhere between staying home alone watching TV or sleeping away the day. Now both are important but for me, spending time in creation surrounded by friends is the optimum form of rest. If I could encourage you, my reader, in one think it is to not find your rest solely in being alone. I have found the most amazing group of female friends at my church. Attending these women's day events has cultivated said friendships through fun and open conversations about how we are genuinely doing in life. Transparency and comfortability is crucial amongst friends and I am so blessed to experience deep levels of both among these gorgeous gals.