Thai Tour #3 A La Carte Thai Bistro

Jeff and I pride ourselves on being locals at our neighborhood eateries and bars. However, our love of thai food had not yet brought us down the road to A La Carte Thai Bistro on Washington Blvd just west of Centinella Avenue. We went on a Wednesday night and were surprised to find the place empty. We savored the early dinner hour and decided to stretch out across the front booths all by ourselves. 

The atmosphere was clean and bright. Compared to other thai restaurants that can be cluttered with cultural decor, A La Carte had a modern and simple vibe which felt oddly comforting amidst the bustle of beach traffic just outside. We sat down and were immediately helped to my favorite iced beverage - two Thai Iced Coffees served up in large cold glasses. Just look at these...

This was the first time Jeff and I had a restaurant all to ourselves and so we made the most of taking photos and modeling for the camera while we waited for our yellow curries. The front windows provided ample golden light and a view of the setting sun down towards Venice Beach. 

Our food arrived promptly and piping hot. The curry was definitely an 8 out of 10 and we enjoyed the meal nice and slowly while catching up about our weeks and wondering what other treasure might be just around the corner. 

After we finished our little feast we realized we had just enough time to catch the last few rays fall over the ocean. Since we were only 9 minutes from Playa Del Rey Beach, we hopped outside and back in the car for a romantic walk Marina side. 

It was the perfect end to the evening and we discovered what might be our new favorite sunset spot. I would give A La Carte a 7.5 out of 10 and I am certain we will be returning when our cravings arrive mid movie, we're in sweatpants and we don't want to drive far to get our fix. It is also a great spot to bring friends from out of town since it's an easy walk down to Alibi Room or Fin for drinks. And it's perfectly situated to experience the west side's less touristy spots. Until the next one....


~ A ~