Redondo Beach Pier

When Jeff's parents came into town for the weekend, we wanted to show them a beautiful place seaside where we could just roam about. We were already going to be in the Redondo Beach area and after a few searches discovered the impressive and pleasantly nostalgic Redondo Beach Pier. 

Comprising an array of bike paths, coastline, restaurants and shops, Redondo Beach Pier is a great all-in-one if you want to show family or friends the complete picture of westside life. It's classic style and colours remind of me a simpler time and provide visitors with a lovely sense of peace and quiet. The Pier also provides the perfect backdrop to see the ocean, take a long meander and get some good seaside photos. 

The Pier itself has an array of boutiques and restaurants including Tony's on the Pier (a 60 year staple) as well as an El Torito and Breakwall. The Pier hosts a variety of events throughout the year from kite shows and movie screenings to outdoor concerts and fitness classes. 

We spent a good hour or so walking along the break walls and bridges, stopping to snap the gorgeous surroundings. I had no idea that this place even existed but it was the perfect location to kill some time and relax in the late afternoon. 

Jeff and I have definitely made a mental note to return to the Pier and dine at one of it's famous eateries. I would also love to check out the cinema series and the kite festival sounds like instagram gold just waiting to happen :) Until next time...


~ A ~