Winter Day at The Getty Center

The Getty Center Museum is one of my favorite places in all of LA. The views alone are worth the price of admission (which is FREE!) making the hike up the hill and the measly 15$ parking fee pale in comparison to the experience of visiting. We took my wonderful in-laws there to gaze at the art, the gardens and just to walk around this beautifully designed palace in the sky. 

The Arrival Plaza sets the mood for a wondrous day with its colossal travertine stone steps and sculptures. The sky was completely blanketed by gray clouds which made for a warm light in which to explore.

We made a B-line to the Gardens to begin our meandering. The Getty Museum's Central Gardens provide the best vantage point of the Westside of LA and are home to a beautiful fountain arcade. We made our way through the miniature hedge mazes stopping to snap pictures of the earliest spring buds. 

I could speak AD NASEUM about the views of LA from the gardens so allow me this short diatribe...

Peering down the 405 as it weaves through Westwood and Santa Monica down towards the South Bay is amazing. I love seeing the packed cars and the houses precariously perched in the Bel Air hills. I love the high rises of west Beverly Hills and the subtle ocean waves you can nearly make out in the distance of the Marina. I love seeing and realizing how many people fill the buildings and cars which litter the landscape. Oh LA, you are beautiful - even in the cloudy winter weather. 

We spent about an hour or so with snacks and drinks gazing out over the city and taking cute couply photographs in the arbors and bushes. I love a good floral photoshoot. 

After we had our fill outside, we made our way to the museum's art galleries. First (and favorite) stop? The South Pavilion - home to 17th and 19th century paintings and decorative arts aka furniture and rooms. I love french style decor, the decadence and the rich fabrics inspire me to create grand comfort in our own home. We always make sure to spend a lot of time in these particular halls every time we visit The Getty. 

Oh for the love of frills. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting lost in 18th century parlors and foyers taking photos and admiring the intricacies of the decor. It is always nice to see a museum with friends, there's not call to stand on occasion and keep others busy with conversation, you can simply enjoy looking at art and objects side by side. 

Our day at The Getty Center was amazing, even in the chilly air. I suggest that you never let a cold gray day disway you from spending an afternoon on the hill. Even without the gardens and amazing exterior pathways - the museum has so much to entertain indoors. 

Until next time! 


~ A ~