Photo Lessons and Malibu Farms

I love dining beachside. There are very few things better than eating delicious food with an equally delicious view of the Pacific. Malibu Farms has quickly become one of my favorite lunch spots and I have since visited twice, capturing this amazing pier top eatery both times. 

Located just off the Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Farms boasts two dining buildings at both the head of the pier and the end. The latter cafe offers more of a laid back atmosphere which my friends and I have always opted for. With bountiful seating both inside and out on the pier, the restaurant provides the perfect setting for a chilled out lunch at the beach. There is something so calm about being at the cafe, somehow the sounds of the sea drown out even the most crowded afternoons. 

The menu has an array of fresh organic options from burgers and paninis and my favorite - a plentiful brunch selection. On my first trip to the Cafe I sampled the Swedish Pancakes, which I also ordered on my return trip. THEY ARE SO GOOD. Light and fluffy with a thin crepe-like thickness you can hardly feel guilty whilst diving into these sweet goodies. My girlfriends each got a salad which looked equally amazing and I can attest that the 3 of us scraped our plates empty. 

I have loved blogging for many reasons, chief among them capturing and archiving my life through photos. Capturing the moment doesn't always come easy, however, so when Jeff surprised me with photo lessons from one of our best friends Caleb Thal - I jumped on the generous offer. Caleb has taught Jeff and I so much and spending the day with him in Malibu that afternoon proved to not only be an amazing time to hang but also to better capture Malibu Pier and Cafe. We spent an hour or so practicing lighting and composition. I have to say that I am pretty chuffed with myself here...

Caleb is a super talented photographer, shooting a lot on film. With our lunch time together I tried to emulate the more real and rough effect of film with my DSLR. And of course my wonderful INSTAGRAM/BLOG HUSBAND also took his turn to practice some of our new photo skills. 

We practiced portraits and some flat-lays before finishing up our incredible lunches. As we ate and shot I could feel the anxiety of shooting in public slowly diminishing. I blame it on a combination of Jeff and Caleb being there and on God really breaking down those fears of what other people think. And I mean, it is LA, everyone here is shooting photos of themselves or others at any given moment. Being out with a fellow photographer and friend was such a wonderful boost to my confidence. 

Thanks so much again to Caleb for continually showing us the ropes. And if I could encourage any of you who are nervous to shoot in public - just do it. Your memory will thank you later.

Those who matter won't mind and those who mind won't matter.


~ A ~