My 5 Fall Fashion Staples | 2016

I was inspired recently to share the 5 items I will be wearing on repeat this fall and winter in LA. I say this (as you observe the photos from Portland) because I recognize that in few other locations I could likely not get away with paper thin blouses and mini skirts all season long. I am grateful for our warm weather in LA (it's 85 degrees as I write this) and love that it affords me the opportunity to style myself without fear of frigid cold for most of the calendar year. 

As I have gotten older i have learned to appreciate the benefit of a capsule wardrobe and of investing in a selection of pieces that I love and will wear often. I am loving the 70s aesthetics that are permeating this year's trends. My favorite is the return of the mini skirt my first fall staple. 


I found an amazing array of minis this year at H&M including this olive buttoned A-line mini. They can be worn with our without tights and are a great alternative to the ever repeated jean. 


I have always loved a good ruffle and the feminine spin on the classic white blouse is something I will be donning all season (and forever). These blouses are girly and flow with a little bit of drama. 

3. Burgundy and the Suede Camera Bag

I have always been a purse girl and I found this amazing genuine suede camera bag on Poshmark for 15$! It is Ann Taylor and was originally 120$. I love the burgundy color as well and picked up quite a few pieces in it for the colder months. The basic shape of the bag gives it a classic upscale look but its small size makes it easy to bring anywhere.

4. Loafers

Block heels, metallic shoes and loafers are all on trend this year and I struck literal gold at DSW with these amazing all-in-one shoes. The block heel provides a touch a chic with added comfort and the metallic texture pairs perfectly with gold or silver. The loafers are a timeless style and match the structure of the skirt, blouse and bag beautifully. 

5. Gold Statement Earrings

My Nana and great aunts were always dressed to the nines and they are the reason for my jewelry obsession. I recently inherited a number of my Nana's statement earrings (in all arrays of gold) and I have been wearing them non-stop. They are the best finishing touch to this 70s style ensemble and add a little glamour to the everyday outfit. 

Jeff and I had such a fun time shooting this post in the early Portland autumn. I have always loved fashion and dressing up and thanks to my mom and family, I have always been blessed with plenty. I hope to share more fashion stories on the blog very soon!