Westminster, Sunday Roasts and Growing Up

On our weekend day in London, we made the absolute most of the perfect blue skies and walked our way to one of my favorite spots - Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament. This was the first place I went after touching down in London and dropping my bags at my college flat. My friend Carrie and I took the tube down to Westminster station to see the Clock Tower and prove to ourselves that we had in fact actually moved to London - and that we were not dreaming. 

This time I had the same urge to feel that magical joy of standing on the precipice of a dream and my reality. Here I was back in London...with my husband....and one of my best friends...and did I mention the sunshine? We had a right romp around. 

I seriously have a new appreciation for candid photoshoots. Jeff is always trying to capture me "in the moment" and our time in Westminster helped me to embrace my silly side and just ENJOY being somewhere. 

After capturing the mems in Westminster, we made our way over to Hyde Park to soak in more sun and to see the famous swans. I love the walkability of London and I loved that we had literally no plans for the day apart from dinner. This provided us with the most relaxing afternoon and ample time to catch up on each other's lives and talk about life as adults. 

Growing up and getting older is hard, really hard when you move around a lot and have to go through the routine process of saying goodbye to your best friends. Seda is one of those best friends and even though our years are filled with goodbyes being able to spend a 4 day Hello with her in London was such a gift. We got to talking about dreams and goals and how they change overtime. The industry that brought us together is the same one that often splits us apart and it was nice to be able to encourage one another to keep working hard, and keep pursuing our passions - even as they change. After all we all change in our 20s right?

We made a huge lap around the park stopping to capture the swans and laugh at the kiddos getting spooked by these moody little ducks. Seda even stopped to capture Jeff and I at the pond, another best friend bonus - free photographer! 

After the park walk, where we truly felt like locals on a care free afternoon stroll, we made our way over to South Kensington for a right and proper Sunday Roast at The Builders Arms. 

The Builders Arms was the PERFECT place to enjoy some company and amazing British food  (I said that - AMAZING - British food) with locals away from the bustling and perhaps more touristy pubs in London. This is Seda's local pub and we got to experience a Sunday in the life of a typical Londoner. 

"Strong English Mustard" - an apt description of Londoners, strong, english and frequently mustering up the energy to brave the bleak weather for the sake of a warm meal with their mates. We continued to talk about life in different cities, comparing the chilly gray days of London to the sunny but traffic-filled scene of LA. We laughed and swapped stories over our incredible roasts (they even had a vegetable heavy option for me:)

I felt an overwhelming sense of privilege in that pub. Here I was with two of my favorite people in the entire world, in one of the most amazing cities in the world that I once had the chance to live in. And there were all were, talking about our cool jobs and projects and the cities we have visited all over the globe.

Growing up might be tough, but it is also incredibly rewarding. 

I can honestly say that this day was one of my favorites ever. Thanks for the tour and the talks Seda. Here's to the next one!


~ A ~