Double Date at Centanni on Lincoln Blvd.

The other night Jeff and I went on a double date with our friends Brianna and Frank. They suggested a tiny little Italian place on Lincoln Blvd. half way between our houses. I must have driven past Centanni a hundred times but never truly noticed this charming little corner restaurant. 

We were seated quickly (there were a few open tables on Friday evening) and skimmed the menu on the hunt for ravioli - a serious craving at the time. Thankfully Centanni serves up an amazing homemade pumpkin and squash ravioli. Oh and the burrata.....

We sipped and laughed and ate our delicious food grateful for the company, the seasonal bounty and the proximity of this little spot on the Westside. If you have the chance - definitely check it out. Centanni had both incredible food and a laid back vibe that made this eatery truly feel like a local neighborhood spot. 

Until the next one! And as always leave us your recommendations in the comments below! We are really really cool and love Italian food :)


~ A ~