Exploring Harrods and The V&A

On our first full day in London we had a right and proper explore on Cromwell Road. We decided that museums and shopping would suit the gray rainy day pretty perfectly. Our host and tour guide Seda is one of my very best friends and since she moved to London I have been dying to visit my old college stomping grounds once again. This time, however, we were armed with a South Kensington native who took us to her favorite spots beginning with cafe Brutti & Boni on Gloucester Road. 

We sat in front of this charming little cafe and sipped our cappuccinos to the sounds of the morning commute. Locals were carrying on as they walked their dogs to work or the cafe and we even struck up a conversation with another costumer of Brutti. It was such a relaxing way to start the day and the cream puffs didn't hurt matters either - they were delicious. After we had had a good long sit, we made or way down the beautiful brick-clad road towards our next stop - the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

The V&A, as it is more affectionately known, is my favourite museum in all of London. It is home to an array of works from British and European artists as well as the national collection of textiles and fashion. It had been 6 years since my last visit, but the fashion gallery still held the same inspiring magic as when I used to frequent the museum in college. I could spend all day staring at those historic styles. 

We spent a good few hours getting lost in the hallways and galleries, gazing at the works of various artists. We starred at the Rafael cartoons and excitedly showed Jeff the memorial portrait sculptures. After a couple of hours and with six very sore feet we made a break for it and went for treats and tea at the world famous Harrods. 

Once we arrived, we made a B-line to the Halls of Luxury to have a look at all the delicacies this grand store has to offer. Even though Harrods also boasts a ginormous collection of designer clothes, handbags, and shoes and everything from a toy store to a pet shop - the FOOD HALLS are ABSOLUTELY where it's at. 

I was on the hunt for a tin of hot chocolate to bring home to LA. Hot chocolate, as many of you know, is my favorite drink and in keeping with the trip's tradition - I had to pick up a tin in London. Harrods had a selection of flavors to choose from and I excitedly held the decorated canisters. 

We made our purchases (including some delicious pieces of marzipan) and made our way through the last of the food halls. I have always held an appreciation for fine desserts and Harrod's Patisserie is amongst my favorite places to find them. 

After Harrods and with a need to get warm again - we braved the rain and found ourselves in one of Cromwell Road's lavish tea houses. I have never frequented one before but was happy to be warm and dry with a hot cup of chai. 

Come back soon for more adventures in London with my dear kanka! 


~ A ~