The Longest Walk in Rome

On our last full day in Rome we followed the advice of my dear friend Lisa and took a very long walk from the Borghese Gardens down through to the Piazza di Spagna. Her email to us detailed the wonders of this particular trek and captured my interest. I am so glad we followed her lead. She wrote...

The Borghese Museum & Gardens!!! You have to go here to see Bernini’s ‘Pluto and Prosperine’. This will bring tears to your eyes. TEARS. Anyway, THEN stroll the gardens, preferably around sunset, all the way to the edges of the park towards the “umbrella pine” trees. If you’re feeling ambitious, from there walk down curvy Via Vittoria Veneto, pass the sexy patrons in Harry’s Bar, go down through Piazza Barberini and then back up and around towards the shopping streets of Via di Condotti by way of Via del Tritone and Via dei Due Macelli... wind your way up towards the Prada store! OR instead to the Spanish Steps near or right after sundown. Wear sneakers & bring bandaids - lots of walking. Worth it.

So we spent our day doing exactly just that, taking the Spanish Steps route in particular. I was enthralled with the beauty of the Borghese Gardens and can't believe I missed them the last time I was in Rome. They provided a much needed time of rest and relaxation after a full day of site seeing. The Gardens span almost 200 acres and are filled with various parks, museums, bike trails and even a Zoo. We opted to just walk through the parks, stop for lunch near the lake and just soak in the beauty of the practically empty Gardens.  

After a few hours spent meandering about, we stumbled upon a wonderful view of the city from Casina Valadier. After a few sneaky pics (we had to) we made our way down the lane towards the top of the Spanish Steps. 

Unfortunately, the Spanish Steps were closed due to a concert. Fortunately, this provided us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the steps in their true glory - completely empty and clean. It was amazing! How many people can say they captured the Spanish Steps completely empty?!

Picking Lisa's itinerary back up, we made our way down the Via Condetti and even stopped to stare at the Prada store. We actually did some shopping (at the world's best H&M) and found some amazing new pieces for fall and winter. I can now say I have shopped on the Via Condetti which I have to admit makes me a happy lady. What also makes me a happy lady is chocolate - so when we stumbled upon the Magnum Bar dessert lounge that day I ran in without hesitation. A chance to build your own custom chocolate-covered ice cream bar? YES PLEASE.

It was a wonderful day and an even more amazing night. We met up with a long lost relative of Jeff's named Salvatore for a celebratory dinner and drinks night out. Salvator's touring company helped plan much of our trip and we were so thankful for his help. More on that and the reasons why Roman citizens don't leave Rome in my next post! Until then...


~ A ~