24 Hours In: San Francisco Part 1

Miette Candy Shop

Earlier this year, Jeff and I travelled to the Bay Area to visit his side of the family. After stopping off in Sacramento, Modesto and Burlingame, we decided to spend a day and night in the city to explore what San Fran has to offer.

We had only spent an afternoon there together about 4 years ago when we started dating. Although I am often skeptical of other major Californian cities (my love for LA is just so great) I wanted to give SF a second shot after my first trip left me a bit underwhelmed.

We spent so much of our day and night walking the city and exploring the greater Pacific Heights area. For part one of this "24 Hours In" segment, I wanted to highlight where we ATE & DRANK in the city. We had eaten a delicious breakfast with Jeff's grandfather in Burlingame and so we wondered for a while before searching out a lunch spot. We knew that a few of the places we wanted to check out were near Fillmore Street and Union and so we decided to start the search there before ending up at The Italian Homemade Company.

Drawn by the chefs spinning away in the front windows, we figured we could not go wrong with Italian + homemade. We watched in awe as the chefs spun and twisted dough, curated pizzas, calzones and cut raviolis right in front of us. After what felt like 15 minutes of staring we were prompted to order and chose a Tomato and Mozzarella Cassoni (folded grilled sandwich) and the Rigatoni pasta with Bolognese. Both portions were delicious a bit larger than we realized. We did not complain...

Later in the afternoon our energy was starting to dip (so...much...Italian...) and so we took the opportunity to dip into Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters on Union Street. I had seen photos from this tiny little café and new it would be a cute spot to snap a few coffee grams. The staff were amazing and didn't even bat an eye when I accidentally took the wrong drink. They made another one of mine for me so Jeff and I got to share 3 of their delicious beverages between us. I loved the quant atmosphere and the signature pineapple wall paper. Although it was a narrow shop, there were still plenty of spots to sit for a while and enjoy our hot drinks.

Wrecking Ball Coffee

With a fresh supply of energy we made our way over to Hayes Valley to check out the more eclectic shops and wall art. Our afternoon wonderings lead us quite perfectly to Miette, one of the most beautiful candy shoppes I have ever seen. [They also have world renowned bakery!] We stepped inside and gazed at the endless tiers and stuffed shelves full of every glass canister and cake stand you could imagine, each containing the loveliest colored sweets, lollipops and liquorish. We excitedly snapped away in attempt to capture every sweet square inch of the store. Everything at Miette is made by either local artisans or shipped in from confectionaries around the globe.

It took us a good 30 minutes to chose some candies - they were all so pretty! We ultimately grabbed a mixed bundle of black liquorish (our favorite) as well as some homemade sour gummies and rose Turkish delights which I still dream about. It was true candy heaven. 

Later in the evening (and after a nice refreshing break at the hotel) we walked back down to Union street for dinner reservations at Gamine . Jeff and I developed a love for French food while in Paris and figured this modern French restaurant would be a perfect end to our day of delights. The French onion soup and Jeff's steak were delicious and arrived piping hot. The restaurant was a bit loud (I normally love a cramped space) but the guests were a bit rowdy to enjoy an intimate dinner for two.

Before leaving the city on Monday morning we stopped for brunch at Rose's Café after reading about it on Julia's blog here. It seemed to be the perfect place to dine before the drive and certainly did not disappoint. I love the European feel of the café and am recently obsessed with French bistro chairs - which Rose's had in plenty. We chose to sit outside after being greeted with a crowd inside. We also loved the garden feel of the patio and although it was a bit chilly, it allowed us to soak in the city a bit more.

Roses Cafe San Francisco

We ordered the French Toast Pudding with Strawberries and the Yukon Gold Potato Hash with Chard, Onions, Cheddar Cheese & Poached Eggs. I also sipped on a Lavender Lemonade which was UNREAL OH MY GOODNESS PLEASE ORDER IT WHEN YOU GO. Although Rose's price point is a smidge higher and the portions a bit smaller the taste and service and ambiance were great. I definitely recommend Rose's for an all around great place for brunch in the city. I also recommend the breakfast pizza, we didn't order one but after seeing a few brought out I have definitely added it to my next "must eat SF" list.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of our quick trip to SF!


~ A ~