Moments Are Bigger Than Minutes

When I met my husband, one of the first things I noticed was he was never without a watch. He always checked his watch, not his phone, for the time and it became a small detail I learned to love. It pointed to his maturity and ability to remain present around me and other people. A quick check of his watch and it was back to the conversation, the meal preparation or whatever adventure we were having. I decided I needed to follow his example and become a watch wearer myself. 

I am excited to share with you all the first time piece in my new collection. When JORD reached out to me I was ecstatic. Being able to partner with a watch brand that designs such unique and classic time pieces reminds me of why I wanted a watch in the first place. Every mens' watch and womens’ watch has a story and becomes iconic of the time in your life during which you wear it. I am looking forward to a new season of adventure and relationship with the people I love. I am excited to be more present and depend less on my digital devices.

When I think about what it means to be more present, I think of slowing down and not filling my mind with worry. I love my new watch not only for its style but also for what it represents. In this season of life, I want to focus more on the here and the now. I want to truly listen when friends share stories, enjoy my surroundings and savor each day so that I remember it better. 

As we enter the holiday season, I am enjoying the moments more than worrying about the minutes. Life is too short to always be stressing about what is next on the agenda. I often stress about the future and fill my time with tasks instead of travels and productivity instead of people. Now, I find myself being more and more present wherever I am and whoever I am with.

I want to encourage you all as you go into the busyness of the holiday season to think of the ways you can be more present with your coworkers, your friends and your family. Take a minute to look around you, sip the coffee slower, laugh a little bit longer and gaze up at the sky. I promise you that life will feel richer and time will stretch even longer.

How can you be more present this season? For me it’s putting down my phone, planning more adventures and inviting the people I love to come along with. And in case YOU need a place to start, you can click this link to enjoy a special discount on your own time piece and start enjoying each moment in your present. These beautiful wood watches also make great gifts! It is the perfect way to encourage your loved ones this season. 


~ A ~