The Perks of Doing Nothing in Pacific City Oregon

Pacific City Oregon

Last Christmas Jeff's dad generously gifted us all a reunion trip to Pacific City, Oregon. Pacific City was a lot smaller and more relaxed that I realized. I had never been to this coastal town before and although I was envisioning a weekend in the Hamptons, this charming seaside stop was still a peaceful place to spend a holiday. And peace was EXACTLY what we needed. 

We rented a group of Air BnB rental homes about 10 minutes walk from the beach and had little on the agenda save for eating, relaxing and climbing the endless dunes. Dunes, btw, we did not climb because we were far far too lazy. The town ended up being packed for the long weekend - but we managed to carve out a spot on the sand each day. What threw me for a loop was that you can actually drive on and park at the beaches there. It was wild - like being at a mall next to the ocean. Jeff's dad got all the boys to go surfing the first day and I opted to enjoy the sand and watch the kiddos. It was nice to not participate in the activities and just sort of stare at the waves and my adorable nieces and nephew. 

Pacific City Oregon

Although the beach was PACKED we had fun going inside the little Surf shack and Stimulus coffee shop. I thought the name of the cafe was funny but there was truth to the fact that just being in Pacific City makes you sort of drowsy and in need of a good kick. I loved how many locals were around in addition to the tourists. It still felt like we were in a small town amidst the crowds.

It also felt easy to just be easy. No one was dressed up or standing on occasion, it was the most casual place I have ever been to. I realized it was also exactly what we had been craving - a place to be super raw, un-put together and restful.

Jeff and I were thankful we had a lot of quality time for long walks on our own. We often walked along the rows of houses and just stopped to admire the slow pace of the town and the beauty of the evergreen forests run out along the sea. We honestly spent so much time doing nothing but sitting around the houses. It was BLISS. Honestly we slept and sat so much that weekend.

I have never been so comfortable with being comfortable. 

On our last full day, we took family photos on the edge of the woods behind our houses. It was such a fun morning and I am so grateful we have some of the candid moments to look back on as well. I'll be sharing some photos we took in the woods at a later date - but until then just know they were pure magic. The smell, the dampness of the moss everywhere, the way the light cascaded through the branches made it a bit hard to leave. We could have used a couple more days in the calm woods for sure. 

I never thought I would love doing nothing as much as I did that weekend. I think we all often feel guilty when we think of spending time doing nothing. We feel like we SHOULD be productive, we SHOULD get things done, we SHOULD talk with people when we are together.

Yes, our responsibilities and relationships dictate a level of action but sometimes our bodies, minds, and heart need the INACTION just as much.  

Shout out to Jeff's dad for giving us a weekend of INACTION. It was a blessing and a gift in a season of craziness (we moved the weekend before) and were knee deep in work transitions at the time. If you are headed out on holiday, I would challenge you to save way more time than you think for doing nothing. It will feel so weird but will be so good. I promise. 

Pacific City Oregon

Of course, amongst the doing nothing we did manage to do a few slow somethings. We found the smallest little farmers market and caught a sunset at the beach with the family. These life giving bits were perfectly intertwined with our general chilling and made for the best weekend away. 

SIDE NOTE: Rose's soda might in fact be my new favorite beverage...

Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
— Psalm 46:10


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