Anniversary Day in Palos Verdes

Happy Valentine's Week!

In honor of this romantic holiday I wanted to share with you all some photos from mine and Jeff's 1 Year Anniversary Adventure Day. With a trip to Europe already booked (and some sneaky Coldplay tickets purchased) we opted to spend our 1 Year Anniversary local and revisit our wedding venue and explore the area around it. 

We got married in San Pedro just south of the Palos Verdes peninsula. The peninsula offers some amazing vistas and beach side hikes - none of which we had frequented before - and so we packed our picnic and gear and made our way down south. Jeff planned the itinerary for the day and so I excitedly followed his lead - not know which stop was coming next. 

Our first stop was Terranea Resort. The resort has beautiful grounds and public access to a private cove. We knew this was the best place to take in the scenery and enjoy our lunch on the water. We wandered down to the beach stopping to capture the INSANELY blue teal ocean and matching sky. It was peaceful and restful and fun to just meander together. 

I can honestly say I have never seen waters this clear and turquoise in LA. I have always wanted to stay at Terranea and even though we just visited that afternoon - it felt so special and sweet. We ate our picnic at the tables on the cliff and talked about our first year of marriage. God had done so much and I was so happy to be with a man I loved and a man who had fallen for LA as much as I had. 

After a couple of hours on the beach, we made our way to our next destination Wayfarers Chapel. Visiting this chapel had been on my LA bucket list for a couple of years and I was elated to FINALLY be seeing what is truly a one of a kind church. Made predominantly of wood and glass, Wayfarers Chapel is camouflaged by the surrounding trees and poses like a relic from Lord of the Rings. It is truly a fantastical place. 

As a wedding was soon to commence, we snuck out and made our way behind the chapel and discovered a beautiful arcade overlooking the distant ocean. Naturally we felt it was a great opportunity to snap some fun photos. This was one of the first candid portrait sessions Jeff ever took of me and I love how well he captured my happiness on that day. 

If you are looking for a great place to picnic, wander around or have a good long sit - I suggest visiting Wayfarers Chapel and grounds. They are open daily from 9am - 5pm and admittance is free (pending you don't crash a wedding or service). 

After we had our fill of the magic of the chapel, Jeff surprised me by driving us to ANOTHER LA bucket list location, the Korean Bell of Friendship in San Pedro. The Bell was presented as a gift to the US and serves as a representation of peace between America and the Republic of Korea. It is also an official Los Angeles Historic Landmark. The architecture was amazing to see in person. The detailing and ornateness of both the house and the bell are stunning. We plan on returning more in the future as the park also provides a great vista of the ocean. 

Our last stop was the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse - our INCREDIBLE wedding venue. It was so much fun to be back in the very same spot where one year prior we had said I DO. We sat for a while on the grass and stared at the ocean, reliving our favorite moments from that perfect perfect day. The sun was shining so bright, just as it had on our wedding day. The space still carried with it the same peaceful and beatuiful mood as when we first visited. 

Love. Love. Love. Love. In our favorite spot. We ended our grand marathon at the donut shop where we ordered our wedding desserts - Granny's Donuts. It was bliss. Later that evening we had a fancy pants dinner out in Beverly Hills. You can read more on that here. Until the next one! 


~ A ~