Dreams Come True At The MET

On Saturday afternoon we met up with one of Sarah and Casey's good friends for a day at the museum. We started out at coffee before exploring the MET Cloisters (more on that in my upcoming vlog!). I had no idea there was a whole museum dedicated to Medieval art and architecture in the most northern parts of Manhattan. I love spending time at museums and the Cloisters provided an opportunity to reflect and connect on the history of the church in particular. 

It was the perfect segue into catching up on our churches in LA and NYC. Casey and I talked for hours as we walked the grounds and terraces sharing our mutual love of cities and the unique ways mission and ministry combine in them. It was so encouraging to here both the evidences of grace and struggles that their church in NY was experiencing. God is definitely at work in NYC (and LA) and I am grateful we had the chance to talk about the journey. 

As both the Cloisters and the MET main campus can be entered same day with one ticket, we decided it was best to travel back down to the Upper Eastside and get the most bang for our buck. [Note* the MET is pay what you want but 20$ is suggested....we paid a little less...well a lot less...]

Oh how I love my Monet... We spent about an hour going through the various Impressionist artist halls, stopping to admire our favorites. This visit had me so excited about what was our upcoming trip to Monet's Gardens - which you can read about here! We eventually found ourselves in the Costume Institute's Spring exhibition, a beautiful display of fashions from various designers meant to highlight technology's impact on fashion. The dresses were remarkable and we got a glimpse into what it would be like to attend the MET Gala. 

There was something so thoughtful and intentional about the designs. They could easily appear random but I thought they were spectacular. It reminded me of much of New York's design. There is such a large range of architecture styles, from modern to turn-of-the-century to traditional. I loved capturing the architecture of the city, it's akin to the people of the city - diverse, beautiful and compacted.

There was one area whose style and architecture I particularly loved was the West Village and Washington Square Park. Similar to SOHO, the buildings are so reminiscent of the movies that again I felt like I was on a movie set. Of course the traditional town homes were beautiful to see in the warm light of summer as was the Flatiron Building cast against a perfectly blue sky. 

It was such a wonderful day to spend with friends at the museum. Unfortunately some rain warnings closed the rooftop bar at the MET but I suggest taking time to grab a drink and overlook the city if the weather permits. I hope we can experience it on my next trip to NYC.

Until the next one!


~ A ~