C&G Hosts: Introverts, Extroverts and Fondue

About every 3 months, my church here in LA - SOMA CULVER CITY - hosts a Ladies Day. It is our way of getting to know the women in our church but also a great chance to invite and mingle with friends and neighbors. When it was my Missional Community's turn to host we opted for a classic Fondue party at my friend Jess' house. 

We decided a night in would provide a secluded time to get to know one another and enjoy some homemade food. In addition to serving various fondues at rotating tables, we also provided conversation topics for each group to discuss before we would all switch up. Ranging from hilarious "What-ifs?" to diving into our favorite childhood vacations, the conversation tables were an awesome vehicle for longer, deeper discussions. It was a also a helpful tool for allowing introverts to be more comfortable talking with people they didn't know very well and helped the extroverts to not dominate the conversation. Our church has a beautiful mix of outgoing and shy women and the tables provided more constructed time while still being fun for all the guests. 

I've shared below both the Speed Dating questions as well as the Table Topics. Feel free to use at your next soiree!

Meeting people in LA can be challenging, getting to know someone on a deeper level even more so. It may sound cheesy, but having talking points at a dinner party was incredibly beneficial to both spur on conversations and help the more reserved women become more comfortable to share. I'd like to say the party was a total hit, from our initial "Speed-Dating" get-to-know-you round to our photo booth post dessert. 

It was a wonderfully lovely and fun night with the girls. I found so many of the conversation topics on Pinterest! I also used my archive from being an RA in college. You can keep it simple and still spark the chatter. Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more Ladies Events and Party Ideas! 

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