Downtown Diaries: Grand Central Market

One of my favorite aspects of the booming Downtown LA scene is the food. Jeff and I recently discovered Grand Central Market on an adventurous day out with my parents. It was the perfect place to bring them as an introduction to DTLA and provided an exciting backdrop to eat delicious treats amidst the bustle of the busy streets. 

We took the EXPO line down from Culver City Station and before we knew it were walking the length of 7th street towards South Broadway. The sun was shining bright illuminating the new high rises as well as the remnants of old downtown. I love that you can still see faded building names over newer neon signs. 

We found our way to the market entrance and browsed the selection of restaurant and cafe booths at our disposal. Grand Central Market boosts a variety eateries and delicatessens. You can grab anything from brunch to beers to BBQ. There is open seating (when you can snatch it!) all over the market. I love the mess hall feel and high energy that fills every inch of the space. We opted to try Olio Pizzaria as we spotted 4 open seats at their oven-side bar. 

We ordered pizzas and took in the scene. I love people watching and people watching while eating pizza was even better. We chatted with the servers who were super polite and we even befriended some of the other lunch guests. The pizzas were flavorful and rich. We ate them fresh from the wood fire oven and eyed our next move. 

After we had our thorough fill of pizza we made our way over to McConnell's Ice Creams, a Southern California staple. My mom and I are huge ice cream fans and in the hot dining hall it was the perfect end cap to our lunch. We stood a while and ate, eventually weaving our way through the various rows and isles to check out what the other restaurants had to offer (you know - for a return trip). 

I highly recommend Grand Central Market if you are looking for an array of diverse options for lunch or dinner. It is a great place to take a group especially if you can't decide on what you are in the mood for. It is perfectly situated in the heart of downtown and is not far from the developing Warehouse District. You can easily take the train downtown and there is plenty of street parking in the surrounding blocks. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon with my parents in town and introduce them to a part of LA we have not explored enough. 

Until the next one! 


~ A ~