Steps, SOHO and Ramen in Hell's Kitchen

Welcome to New York! Last summer I had the chance to spend a week with my best friends Sarah and Casey in beautiful NYC. I had spent only a weekend there a year before (check out my vlog!) and was excited to have a more time to explore all the different parts of the city. And we did exactly that. 

On our first full afternoon, Casey took me on a little adventure to SOHO. He knew I'd love to see the fashion hub and gaze at the classic New York architecture. We started off from their apartment in Harlem, stopping to have lunch at the Harlem Food Bar. We ate some of the best grilled cheese I have ever had, relaxed in the sunshine and caught up on life. 

I love conversations with Casey. We think very similarly yet he always has a fresh perspective on whatever I share. We chatted about work and jobs and he encouraged me to give myself more grace. He then dropped a metaphorical bomb that has since rocked my world. He said I should approach my goals more like staircases i.e. breaking them down into smaller achievable steps. It's a healthier way to get to the top. He noticed that I often run and try to fling myself over the top of the wall...which generally ends in pain and frustration. I have always operated in extremes and this reminder helped me to slow down and enjoy the journey. I don't have to conquer the world today, I can simply accomplish a few things.

Creativity and career are long games. Good things take time.   

And so we also took our time, roaming down to SOHO. It was late afternoon on a Friday and the streets were pretty empty. We had a virtual playground amidst store fronts and designer houses. The sun was glinting off the steel and brick facades so the whole area shined. It kept occurring to me how much SOHO felt like a movie set. I know that is the backwards way of looking at it - but my point of reference is more anchored in the movies and sets. It was such a paradox. A beautiful and well designed paradox. 

I loved seeing all the pretty shop fronts and window displays. I felt like I had stepped into The Devil Wears Prada and could imagine hurriedly racing from boutique to boutique to get Meryl Streep her Hermes and Dior. It was all so clean and lovely it felt almost fake. I could definitely see the draw to live in this part of the city. It was idyllic.  

After a good long wander, we met up with Sarah for more adventures. For Happy Hour we decided on Bar Sixty Five at Rockefeller Center and then eventually made our way over to Hell's Kitchen for dinner. Sarah and Casey wanted to introduce me to a favorite ramen spot Pure Thai Cookhouse on 9th St. The wait was about an hour so we grabbed another round of cocktails before being seated in the front of the restaurant. The atmosphere was warm, smelled of spices, and with a line of people waiting I knew it must be good. We ordered our bowls and chatted the evening away. It was a great end to an amazing first day in the city. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter from NYC!


~ A ~