Cocktails On Top Of The World

On my first full day in New York my best friends Sarah and Casey treated me to quite the day out. What started off as an afternoon spent lunching in Harlem and wandering through SOHO eventually turned into a trip to Midtown. 

We were reunited with Sarah the minute she got off work and quickly sped off to start the world's longest and best happy hour(s) in Bryant Park. Sarah had been dying for me to try one of her favorite desserts - the famous Lady M cakes. We waited in line in the boutique on West 40th before snagging a table for 3 at the park's edge. We quickly dug into our layers of Green Tea and Coconut Mille Crepes. They had the most unique texture, soft and flakey but creamy at the same time. It was unlike anything I have ever tasted. They were fabulous. 

After we finished our cakes, Sarah excitedly informed me that she had planned for us to enjoy cocktails at Bar SixtyFive, a place she had always wanted to go. Now for those of you who don't know Sarah - she has been everywhere. To visit a place for the first time alongside her was such a treat. She always finds and knows the best of the best in food, drink and scenery. I didn't know what to expect but when she mentioned it was at the top of the Rock...I knew it would be epic. 

I had always hoped to see NYC from high up but knew that venues like the Rockefeller Center could be very pricey. Sarah found THE BEST LOOPHOLE in the New York high-rise view system. Bar SixtyFive is located just 5 floors below the Top of the Rock viewing deck and for about the same price ($25-$30) you can order a delicious cocktail AND get the same panoramic view. Two birds with one stone. If you are 21 or older - I say always go with this option. 

We navigated through the building, a beautiful collection of marble and gold accents before coming upon the elevators. We clicked the 65 button and already I felt like I was being transported back to the 1930s. There was such an air of history and classic American style. Bar SixtyFive shares it's floor with the famous Rainbow Room. We felt like celebrities just ascending to that celebrated floor. 

A long ride and some ear pops later (no joke) we entered into the orchid clad lobby and were directed to the Bar's entrance. We smiled at the concierge and stepped into a beautiful open bar space covered wall to wall in glass windows and doors. At the center of the room was a large bar blanketed with gold and silver tiles. It literally sparkled in the golden hour light. We ordered our drinks, an array of exotic and embellished cocktails and sat down at a booth near the western windows. 

Oh I just love spending time with these two lovebirds... After we finished our cocktails, we left the glasses at the table (our server encouraged - to save our seats) and made our way onto the observation deck. It was unreal. We spent the next hour taking photos and capturing the scene before us - my favorite type of creation. 

Isn't Central Park stunning from this high up?! Stay tuned for more urban creation and lovely outings in the next NYC post!


~ A ~