Yellow Conference Recap Part 2

I stepped into Day 2 of Yellow with a bit more confidence than I had on Day 1. I had met some of the other women, taken my notes, processed with Jeff and was ready (in a favorite outfit) to hit the ground running again.

Day 2's Sessions were similar to the first, bringing different speakers into a program of various topics and themes. However, Day 2 was also peppered with some interactive group activities which I LOVED. 

Artist Elle Luna kicked off Session #1 with a conversation about what we should do and what we must do and how they intersect. I realized that my list of shoulds (and musts) were both pretty long. I was encouraged by the idea that our musts could either be a job, a career, or a calling. AND I was doubly encouraged that our job, our career or our calling could (in seasons) be different. *Hello right now.

Krysta Masciale from Big Deal Branding shared how crucial our values are to our businesses. More over - and most applicable in our current global climate - was the idea of what it looks like for us to empathize or alter how we do something to consider those around us who have different values than our own. This challenged me in the area of owning my faith and considering the paths that bring others to their personal religious beliefs. It made me ask myself how I could share my faith honestly, while pursuing those around me and where they are at with their faith.  Krysta ended on a strong and heavy note that still rings in my mind all these month later...

The thing that you want so badly for the world is the thing you want so badly for yourself.

I did have a fan girl moment when the next  panel of women shared as one of them was Sara Dietschy, a YouTube Creator Jeff introduced me to long before and whose story we had followed for a while. 

Sara shared about content and the types of stories that truly matter online. She reminded us (and me) that it's not about those major cool "Oh, look what I did." moments but rather those smaller in between moments where you (the creator) are real and honest about what you are going through. I hope to always be honest on my blog and let this place be an ever-growing portrait of a real, honest life.

After the panel, we had the chance to do a group activity. We talked and shared about our "Crazy Awesome Thing" and put a plan together, together, of how we would tackle that awesome thing. This was one of the moments I loved most during the whole conference. Getting to meet and connect with women for the first time is so sweet. Being able to encourage one another's passions and collectively combat fears and lies is a powerful thing. And we did just that.

Alexis Jones of I Am That Girl closed out Day 2 with a powerful motivational speech about strength and selflessness. She reminded us that the one thing we all have in common is that we are broken. (PREACH! WE NEED JESUS!) She challenged us to live an others-centered life versus a personal-centered life. 

Day 2 was a bit of a gut punch but also brought some welcomed convictions about how to be less self-centered, more intentional, more bold and more real. 

During the breaks I also loved roaming through the Do Good Marketplace which was filled with vendors and shoppes all promoting a product that benefits a greater good. 

Thanks again to Sara* for being in my vlog, snapping a photo (when I forgot how to use my camera) and for being so genuinely cool. 


~ A ~