Yellow Conference: Workshop Recap

As a bonus option to Days 1 and 2 of the Yellow Conference, attendees can purchase a ticket to one of 4 targeted Workshops. Last year's conference workshops were geared towards either the Starter, Leader, Solopreneur or Non-Profit.

At the time I was very much interested in figuring out the direction of my blog and was stuck in how to start. Therefore the STARTER workshop ended up being the perfect place to meet and engage with other stuck creators like myself. This additional third day was my favorite part of the conference by far.

All 4 Workshops were held a the The Hub, a shared workspace in the Downtown LA Arts District. The STARTERS comprised the largest group of workshop attendees and so we gathered in the large common area of the office floor. Right away I was able to meet and chat with other women and hear a bit about their projects or where they were at in their creative/business journeys. It was so refreshing and encouraging to know I was not alone in my pursuit of blogging and the struggles that come along with. 

The first session was lead by Becky Morquecho from Idealust, a professional Career Coach for Creatives. Her talk centered around fear and what it costs us. She encouraged us to own our fear and discern between what is genuinely holding us back and what we are trying to control that we can't. This was super beneficial and reminded me of how much of my stress and fear is rooted in things like what others think, the unknown and just general anxiety. We talked through our fears as a group and what we can do to proactively combat them. For me this is through Jesus, community and being honest about my limits. Becky also mentioned that her anxiety leads to her more surrender in Jesus. I was so excited to meet a sister with similar beliefs and got the chance to chat with her and her husband a bit during lunch. I would love to use their services some day and was just so encouraged by their story of faith in starting their own passion project.

The rest of the day was marked by more sessions lead by other amazing female entrepreneurs. Maxie taught us the importance of setting deadlines and prioritizing self-care. Alex Michael May broke down the basics of social media and the types of content to be focusing on:

1. Inspirational
2. Community Building
3. Informative
4. Brand Positioning

Jess Puccinelli of Haute Hope taught us the importance of event marketing and community engagement with our blogs and businesses. Blogging can definitely be a lonely hobby and Jess really brought into perspective how others can engage with our stories if we provide the space and time for them to do so. 

Overall my experience at the Yellow Conference was uplifting, challenging and encouraging. If you have been on the fence about attending or curious if it will be worth your while (and investment) I hope this series has been helpful and informative. And of course I hope I see you at this year's Conference!

You can find out more about the Conference and purchase EARLY BIRD TICKETS here! 

The Yellow Conference 2017

Los Angeles, CA August 24th and 25th


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*This post is not affiliated with Yellow Co. All opinions are my own :)