Yellow Conference Recap Part 1

Last year I had the privilege of attending the Yellow Conference. The Conference was founded by Joanna Waterfall (of Yellow Co.) as a place to engage and inspire women (in particular) to change the world for the better. I wanted to share my experience as tickets for THIS YEAR's CONFERENCE are ON SALE now. The conference hosts a variety of speakers who teach and share on multiple topics from how to start a small business to how to channel your creative energy into something good. I had little expectations going into the weekend and was armed with only a few testimonies from friends of friends of how life-changing the conference had been for them the year before. With an open mind and an empty notebook I walked into the Downtown LA Warehouse prepared to be encouraged. 

The conference took place in the DTLA Arts District at 440 Seaton Street. I was greeted by a table of women who offered me a large swag bag with the weekend's theme printed right across the front: GRIT. VALOR. HEART. The space inside was beautifully decorated with living walls and geometric displays. As soon as I walked into the large conference room I was in awe. A large warehouse space was covered in white chairs with hanging wool chandeliers and was filled end to end with women of all shapes, sizes and colors. The scene was truly stunning and a bit overwhelming - even for an extrovert like me. 

The energy in the room was palpable. I found the couple of friends I was meeting there and sat in a row near the front. I introduced myself to the women around me and sat anxiously waiting for the opening ceremonies (if you will). Even typing it now I can feel my heart racing with the same kind of excitement and anxiousness I had that day. I had never been to event like this before. 

The conference opened with a flash mob of dancers and a word from Joanna herself. The first round of speakers spoke and I put my pen to paper to capture all the wisdom they had to share. Some of what they were saying resonated with me on a deep level while other's I felt weren't totally aligned with my gospel beliefs. I still enjoyed listening with a discerning ear to the many ways in which I could better claim my creativity and seek to find a vocational purpose. I listened and prayed for the women in the room whose value I hoped would never be found in what they could do (as leaders, entrepreneurs or even mothers) but instead in who God says they are. The conference isn't inherently Christian but I was glad to see a few of the speakers mention Jesus in their stories. Regardless of the theme of each speaker, I always found some helpful insight to take away.

Some of my main take aways from day one were:

Session One: Jess Ekstrom from Headbands of Hope

1. Don’t shelter yourself from rejection. There is never a perfect time when your passions outweigh your fear. 
2. You are truly an entrepreneur when you start taking responsibility for the world with a desire to change it - not when you start a business.
3. Be sure to keep a perspective anchor, nothing can ever change WHY you started something. 
4. Having a long list of dreams can be as in-affective as having none.

Session Three: Kirsten Dickerson from Raven + Lily

1. Avoid responding to the terany of the urgent so you can leave space to respond to true soul needs.
2. Think about spending your money where it can do the most GOOD.

Session Six: Jedidiah Jenkins, Travel Writer

1. Loneliness is a spiritual wound that needs the healing of belonging...through vulnerability”
2. It is not about a Calling, it is about a Caring. Cultivate that for a job.

Stay tuned for more insights and takeaways from Conference Days 2 and 3!


~ A ~