Chelsea Market and The High Line

Today I am sharing the final post in my NYC Summer series. If you are planning a trip this coming season I hope my posts inspired you to explore more of this incredible city! After spending a glorious afternoon in Central Park with my best friend Sarah, we made our way over to Lower Manhattan to meet her husband Casey at The High Line. Walking this side walk park had been on my NYC Bucket List for a while. Even though we were exhausted from our miles in the park, I was excited to see the city from this famous and newly beautified landmark. We slowly sojourned along the path from W 15th to W 30th (and back), stopping to take in the vistas and a bit of cheeky ice cream. 

The views from the High Line were amazing, and walking the path during golden hour was one of my favorite memories of the trip. I took my time strolling, wondering what lay behind rows of windows and doors. Who lived in these buildings before? What were they like? If these places could only talk. I felt like a researcher, studying the city from the isles of raised platforms. It was so nice to gaze out at Lower Manhattan and the Hudson River from such a unique vantage point. The views were truly magical, as were the foot fountains. Seriously, this is one of the best inventions ever. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting and laughing over a good long soak with our tired and hot feet. 

After our toes had had their fill of the cooling (recycled) water, we made our way back down the steps at W 15th and into Chelsea Market. This Lower Manhattan marketplace houses a collection of artisan stalls, boutiques and restaurants. Similar to LA's Grand Central Market, there are a diverse collection of places to dine and shop. The Market has both permanent and pop-up eateries and retailers offering everything from deli meats to designer threads. There were so many options. We took our time walking through the corridors and hallways before separating to select our own dinners. I loved that even in this expansive labyrinth of shoppes there stood a little florist offering fresh floral blooms in the cavernous market. 

Every nook and cranny of the market felt intentional, as if they purposed every inch of it. There was a seat or sign or piece of art everywhere you looked. I loved how eclectic it all looked together. I eventually found myself picking up a salad and lemonade from Hale and Hearty, a small NYC chain akin to Pret-a-Manger. They were delicious. 

Until the next adventure!


~ A ~

"High Line Bling"