Faith & Flower Happy Hour

On of my favorite spots to dine and chat in all of LA has to be Faith & Flower. Soon after we were married, Jeff took me on a date to this art deco restaurant and ever since it has been one of our top choices for fine dining in the city.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon we drove downtown with our friends Sydney and Jon to experience Faith & Flower's famous Dollar Oyster Happy Hour. This was my first time trying the polarizing seafood but I knew Jon and Sydney (who are obsessed with the dish) would be the best people to encourage me on to try it. 

Happy Hour occurs from Sunday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. We were seated at the end of a long high table near the bar and immediately ordered a round of cocktails. I went for a Maison's Collins (Vodka, blanc vermouth, lemon and soda) and took in the beautiful decor around us. 

We perused the menu and made our selections, opting for a choice of:

- Oysters (x12) with pink peppercorn mignonette

- Parmigiano Reggiano Fries with garlic ailoi

- Pizza Margarita

- Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with black mission figs, honey, puffed rice and yuzu granita

I have to say that my first experience with oysters was a pretty good one. Sydney and Jon taught me how to tip the shell back at my lips and swallow the meat whole, letting the flavor linger for a bit. They were slimy and salty but sort of shockingly fun to eat at the same time. We laughed and caught up and were always attended by the pleasant staff who plated our pizza to go when we had to depart. I love that the restaurant holds your food to go like a coat check concierge so that you don't worry about fitting in food boxes at the dining table with your guests. 

If you are looking for a more refined Happy Hour experience in the Downtown LA area I highly suggest planning your time for Faith & Flower. All of our dishes were exceptional and the Gatsby vibes of the restaurant make the eating experience feel so special and unique, as if we travelled back into the 1920s. Thanks to Sydney and Jon for introducing us to Oysters :) I think I will be brave enough to try them again very soon.


~ A ~