Recreate: Lake Arrowhead Weekend Year 2


In late February our missional community small group (affectionately known as Tall House) went on our 2nd annual retreat up to mountains of Lake Arrowhead. 

After almost doubling our group in size (praise God) we still managed to find an amazing Air BnB that comfortably housed all 15 of us. Because of our need for a larger house, we also managed to get one of the gorgeous properties right above the Lake. Our house featured 2 large back desks with panoramic Lake views, cathedral windows and an awesome finished basement with a pool table. 

During last year's retreat, which you can read all about here, we managed to get out into the surrounding forest and explore more of the area. We (attempted) fishing down at Deep Creek and even went on a hike through the ravine. This year we were greeted with torrential rain storms which turned to snow and sleet over night. Our normal Saturday adventures were transformed into 15+ hours of indoor fun, plus one short walk, which were just what the doctor ordered. I love exploring new areas, and the slower pace of life in Lake Arrowhead (combined with moody and wet weather) helped relax everyone. The mountain houses, trees and air were the perfect backdrop for reflection and rest.

We woke on Sunday morning to the first blue skies of the weekend. We capitalized on the opportunity by packing our bags early and heading down the Lake. We wondered around, had a look in the shoppes and eventually made our way to our usual spot Belgian Waffle Works for a late brunch. Lake Arrowhead Village is a small little dock side strip of eateries and stores but it offers an amazing view of the Lake and surrounding town. 

The dominant feeling of our weekend (and of our group) was COMFORTABLE. We are all creatures of comfort, and I can definitely say that our group is comfortable around each other. Whether we are all squeezed together in a shower, closet or underneath a bed during a game of sardine, whether we are jumping around screaming what was likely all the wrong lyrics to a Beyonce song, whether we are cooking super messy enchiladas or just sitting around on a couch - we are ALL SO COMFORTABLE TOGETHER. These are the people with whom we spend most of our free time, and the ones we study the Word of God with. I am so so grateful we can be our complete raw selves together and enjoy 72 hours in one big mountain house. 


Until the next one!


~ A ~