Contributor Series: A Beauty And The Beast Tea Party

I am so excited to bring you all the first post in my contributor series. One of my best friends, Laurel, is one of the best hosts I know and she routinely throws the best themed parties at her craftsman home in Ohio. She shared with me the details of her Beauty And The Beast Tea Party and I thought it was perfectly timed to the movies release on video! I hope this encourages you to through your own watch party at home with all of these sweet details. Laurel wrote all about how she planned and prepped for the party as well as some creative tips and tricks for repurposing what you already have. For now I will let Laurel take it away....

My sister-in-law Kathy and I wanted to make the premiere of the remake of one of our favorite original Disney movies even more special by experiencing it with friends! We wanted it to be a memorable time together. We planned way ahead, Kathy even sent out real invitations in the mail that she designed on and got printed through Vista Print. 

Our guest list was mostly ladies from church who are or have been involved in the worship arts team because they all went to see Cinderella together a couple years ago. I made my guest list additions and we went from there. Ali's mom was a must have for me ;) 

I played around with all my china place settings for hours and decided that the rose and gold rimmed china with my white and silver rimmed china worked the best together and luckily I have the most of those two patterns! 

I wanted to mix gold and silver. Gold because of Beauty And The Beast and silver to tie in the rest of my house. I was going to do more to my coffee bar but ran out of time.

Kathy was in charge of the menu/food which was inspired by the song "be our guest". She made beef ragú in the crock pot and it was delicious! She also made cheese soufflé. We had crudités, baguettes, strawberries and Nutella. A french theme obvi. For dessert there were pecan tasties, "the grey stuff", homemade allergy-friendly scones and Nutella and of course we had all sorts of tea. To be honest, I didn't even have to buy any tea because we have a problem and there is so much tea in my house already. All I ended up buying were straws and napkins, from Target of course. 

Last but not least, Kathy had cake pops made and they were so good. I don't like cake but these were melt in your mouth delicious. Some looked like Belle's dress and some were roses. Kathy also made party favors with twinning' Beauty And The Beast teas and chocolate roses. We basically went all out haha.

After the tea party, (which everyone enjoyed more than I ever expected) we caravanned over to the theater and got popcorn and candy (like we needed more food at that point!) We sat in our theatre's new comfy red leather chairs and watched the film together! Pure Magic. It was my second time seeing it because I went with students on $5 Monday too but it was even better the second time around! 

When I got back home to clean up. My aunt and a friend had hand washed all the china (there was so much!) and loaded the dishwasher. everything was spotless. What a blessing! 

I hope you enjoyed a look at this delicious and cinematic soiree! Stay tuned for more guest posts!


~ A ~