Griffith Observatory and Trails Cafe

We love the Griffith Observatory. If you have read my blog for a while you have seen or watched our tales from Hollywood's best vantage point.

When our friends visited from Mississippi we knew Griffith was the best spot to show them...well...ALL of LA. We drove up in early afternoon and took our time walking around the various observation decks, sticking to the outside to get all the best views. We also stepped into the Telescope atrium for a sneaky peak. The telescope is open for actual viewing in the evenings until 9:30 pm. 

I love the views from the high ledges and even though I feel I have been a thousand times I always spot something new or interesting. During this particular visit there were horses on the lawn and I was amused even more by the general crowds covering the grass. It totally felt like a Slim Aarons moment. 

After spending a long while snapping photos and enjoying the sun we made our way back down the hill. I love exploring with friends because we always have the best conversations with no agendas, no plans, just hilarious chats and stories. Take this moment here where Austin shared his pre-planned wedding hashtag. Trust me it's good. Trust me I can't type it here.

After a long walk in the sun, we decided we needed a pick-me-up and so I happily suggested we stop at Trails Cafe at the bottom of the hill. Located right near the park's entrance on Fern Dell, Trails offers park-goers a shady spot for a light lunch or snack. And of course, they also serve amazing coffee. 

Dazzled by the dessert selection (and um...planning a return trip for some pie) I grabbed a lavender and chocolate chip scone and a fresh strawberry lemonade. Both selections did not disappoint. I love lavender in anything and this scone was the perfect sweet treat to top of the afternoon.

Be sure to stop at Trails next time you visit Griffith, and remember it's the best spot to bring family if you want to WOW and convince them how gorgeous LA really is.

Until next time!


~ A ~