C&G Hosts: A Mini Cafe Shower

Mini Bridal Shower

I hear all the time from friends, "I want to plan a small shower but have no idea how to do that!" or "I know her family is throwing her a party but I would love to do something small for her here too." I, too, have frequently been in the boat of planning a "small" shower to celebrate a friend. I recently helped throw what I am calling a "Mini Shower" for my friend Nicole as her larger and more formal shower was thrown by family and friends in her hometown in Michigan. 

I knew that a house luncheon or brunch could work, but I really wanted it to be outside and none of our friends apartments (or ours) would accommodate something in the open air. I thought it would be fun to have it a cute restaurant but was nervous about booking a room, or private space since that can really add a lot of cost. It was really important for me to be able to decorate a space and I didn't know how to do that without a reserved room. But after looking at cafes with out door seating I decided I could make it work with whatever space we were given on the fly.


My friend Sydney and I arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes early to put in our name and my friends at Cafe Laurent in Culver City HOOKED US UP and actually seated us right then and there at a large table in the middle of the patio. I had a slight panic about there being no fence or wall for bunting - but it was nice to be given time to set up and sort the table out before the ladies arrived. I started to get nervous about how to dress the table when I realized that most out door tables have an umbrella! Armed with lots of tissue pom bunting I simply draped the bunting down the umbrellas pole and voila! Decor!

We started out brunch with Nicole opening up her gifts, figuring it would be more difficult ;ater on with plates of food everywhere. It was such a sweet morning and we had the best time celebrating Nicole! 

I had placed around the table some small favors I had made, ribbon wrapped tea boxes with custom tags via TJ Maxx. The bride LOVES tea and so I thought it would be a fun and easy little favor for our small brunch party


I hope this inspires you to host a mini shower of your own!


~ A ~