Our 2018 Resolutions and Party Photos!

Roaring Twenties New Years Eve Party

Although 2017 was rough and felt like it went by in 5 seconds, (but seriously, anyone else??) Jeff and I are looking at 2018 with hopeful anticipation of a healthy, bright and connected new year. We are so grateful for all the blessings in our lives, especially in light of everything that happened globally this past year. I wanted to share a quick summary of my resolutions for 2018 and about a thousand photos from our annual Roaring Twenties New Years Bash! We are so thankful for our amazing friends in LA. They are truly our California Family. I pray each of you gets to see the goodness of community with others and God's graciousness through our photos and posts this year. AS ALWAYS, thank you for supporting and loving City & Grace. 


* Take in the Word in some form each day * Keep a prayer/gratitude journal * Pray about church planting * Pray for our not yet believing family members *  


* Take a vacation with Jeff * Take a trip with our roomies * Get together monthly with our best friends * Date Jeff * Invite people over more *


* Workout once a week * Develop a "no screens" night routine * Read 6 books *


* Take an acting class * 1 blog post and 1 video per week * Start a Portrait Photography Business with Jeff * 

As you can tell, I LOVE resolutions and LOVE focusing on goals for the new year. I think its fun, helpful and rejuvenating in its own way.

Why not aim for the stars and be more intentional with our everyday lives? 

It can seem super overwhelming in the digital age, to feel like you have to aim to reach the peaks of a hundred other successful celebrities/influencers/pioneers. I found that by actively challenging my jealous reactions and pushing myself to be inspired, I am much happier and driven to pursue my own dreams. Jeff and I had a blast sharing our memories, hopes and a few glasses of Prosecco with our nearest and dearest on New Years Eve! They continue to inspire me to live a fuller life. Here's to being encouraged and present. Here's to capturing life on life and the joy of God's abundance. Cheers to 2018! 

Gatsby New Years Eve Party
Roaring Twenties New Years Party
Roaring Twenties New Years Party
Gatsby themed New Years Party


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