Why the Company of Women is So Important

Womens Retreat

Scrolling through Instagram last week had me so encouraged by women. In light of the Golden Globes, my feed was filled with photos of women supporting women, men supporting women, people affirming one another and supporting change. In a world that can feel so divided, it’s never been more important to stand together on even the most basic of human rights. 

I feel blessed to be in the company of similarly passionate and united women in my church. I wanted to take a minute today to call them out and brag a bit about their beautiful hearts. 

Last year was rough, for everyone it seems. And yet God was good and brought so many incredible new women into our community in West LA. 

These women encourage and inspire me with their diverse talents, beauty, skills and passions. They each live and love with a unique fire that’s palpable when I’m around them. In a city as sprawling and chaotic as LA, I’ve found a sanctum of honest, caring, devoted friends. They challenge me and bring out my best.

They pursue me and point me to the one thing that won’t ever fail, abuse or destroy us, Jesus. 

I could not be more grateful to have found and bonded with so many ladies over the last couple of years. Female friendships are NOT always easy but they are so worth it. To feel known and supported by people who share and experience so many of the same things I do - it’s the type of "Me Too" you sometimes need to hear. 

I hope and pray God continues to grow and mold their lives into His own likeness. I pray they would experience and share the grace I’ve already felt by them. To be accepted as I am, to stand still around others and not be ashamed - oh boy - that all would get to feel that around women some day. 

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