Why I Hate Camping But Went Anyway

Camping in Mountain High

I hate camping...and I don't love the great outdoors. 

There, I said it. 

I know I know, how could anyone not like being outside when they live in LA? Now, don't read me wrong, I am referring to the great outdoor forests and mountain landscapes that hikers, campers and explores love to spend their weekends and vacations around. I just prefer a congested concrete city and a developed coastline. 

I have always been a city girl, from as young as I can remember I dreamt of moving to New York City, or London or LA. Cities give me energy and life and I recharge best around lots of other people. I am a TOTAL EXTROVERT.

So, when our dear friends Josh and Danielle invited us to spend a celebratory weekend in the woods - I shuddered. How would I get out of this? Well, after much deliberation, fighting, crying and bucking up - we went. We wanted to love our friends, and I wanted to stretch myself to be a little more uncomfortable and just see what might happen. I am so glad we did just that.

This is not a story of how I came to love camping over the course of a magical weekend away. I still hate camping (cold, wind, bears, cooking struggles, lack of soap) but I am coming around to being in the endless expanse of nature. 

So many people (my friends included) relate to the idea of finding peace and connection in nature. 

I struggled with that because where do you find peace in a dangerous jungle environment and how do you feel connected when you are alone in the woods?

I know that the mountains and the skies declare God's glory but I always felt that the company of man did that in a more visceral way.

I can say that God changed my views on this over the course of a weekend. And it wasn't in some way where I stood and soaked in the majesty of creation, it was in this revelation that I haven't seen everything there is to see. Which yes, I could have done in a city - but even then it would be similar enough to my life I would not have noticed it. 

But the mountains...

And the hills covered in pine cones...

And conversations when the only focus was making food and staying warm...

And the endless darkness of an abandoned mine whose steel bars warped enough to hand onto it's cliff face...

I have to admit it fead my soul, my thirst for exploring, and my extrovertness more than I realized. So nature, I am ready for more of you. And camping? Well, I am still sleeping in my car.

Camping in mountain high


~ A ~