My Favorite LA Date Nights

Date Night Outfit

Happy Valentine's Day! I have been so busy this year with work and small group but I am getting back into a rhythm and making more time to explore LA. I wanted to share with you all a quick list of some of my favorite date nights in Los Angeles. I am also including a few for if you prefer to stay at home! You can enjoy these activities with a boyfriend, girlfriend or your roomies!


- See the city lights with an evening at Griffith Observatory. Then head over to MILK for ice cream shakes and cookie sandwiches. 

- Grab your favorite Thai dish at Pimai or Hoy-Ka and then head over to UCB Franklin for an Improv show. Our favorite troupe is ASSSSCAT!

- Eat at Chik-Fil-A, see a film at the Regency Village Theatre and then share a Huell donut from Stan's Donuts in Westwood. 

- Sip on a pair of lavender hot chocolates from Demitasse on the 3rd Street Promenade and then walk the Santa Monica Pier at Sunset 

- Attend a performance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the CODA program and enjoy complimentary drinks afterwards!


- Make home-made Pizza (we love Trader Joe's dough!) and then put on your PJs for a late night frozen yogurt run!

- Go through old photographs and pick out ones to frame while retelling your favorite memories surrounding them.

- Go through a 5 Year Diary together! Set aside time and make some tea in bed just to chat and answer a bunch of the days/questions at once.

- Go on a late night walk through the neighborhood and play the Question game. (What is one thing you like about the other person? What is one thing the other person does not know about you? What is a random fact or favorite [pick a category]). 

What are your favorite date night ideas?


~ A ~