Saturday Stories: Santa Barbara Weekend and Getting Out of the City

Santa Barbara weekend

Every once in a while, my husband Jeff and I decide we need a break. Usually it's when we are already past the point of being desperate for rest. We of course enjoyed a Christmas break but did not have anything scheduled from January until May - that is a long time to go without a day "off". We decided to escape for a night up to Santa Barbara and it could not have been better timed. 

As much as love LA, we often long for new surroundings.

I believe it is both our minds and our bodies that long to wander.

I usually get the travel itch every few months. I can feel so stuck in our routine; wake, work, late dinner, sleep, repeat. I often feel as if I only see my house, my car and my office for weeks on end. Getting out of the city even for a day brings such a refresh.

I love being in a different surrounding - it pulls me out of my own head and forces me to think about other things.

Sometimes I think that is the best medicine - to just think about other things while being in a different place. 

It usually helps when the place you go to is really really beautiful. Luckily for us here in Southern California, there are no shortages of breathtaking views, coastlines and cities. Sometimes I sit back in awe of the fact that God brought us to do life in this place...this place that looks so close to what I imagine heaven will be like. We are blessed indeed. 

We took our time exploring downtown Santa Barbara which is where we stayed. *City Guide Coming Soon!* We also appreciated the time we got to spend together in the midst of a crazy season of work and ministry. 

When it feels like so much is changing and shifting, it often helps to remove yourself completely to gain perspective on what is going on in life. 

Jeff and I spent the weekend walking, talking, eating and browsing the stores. We laughed, we gazed and we chatted about everything we think God is doing while trying to rest in the very truth that He is in fact - doing. Even when we cannot understand it, He is always working for us. 

Hoping you all can escape soon if you need it! You don't need to go far to get a closer look. 


~ A ~