What I Learned from a Month Off from Blogging

Wine tasting in Oregon

So I actually took about 6 weeks or so "off" from blogging. It was one part the accident of being super busy and not having the time and one part deciding to focus on the busy things and not the blog.

We hosted numerous friends and family as well as people visiting our church for a conference. We traveled to Florida, reconnected with friends and worked some late nights at our jobs. I tried to not feel guilty about being absent on here and I did succeed. However, I made some pretty big realizations that I thought I would share with you all.

What I Learned from a Month Off from Blogging:

1. I really REALLY love blogging. I miss it when I am not doing it. It really is one of (if not the only) truly creative outlet I have. 

2. It is really REALLY important to have a creative outlet. Creating something, telling a story, posting a photo is so life giving. It says I matter. Life matters. 

3. The moments of life really do matter. I always heard it said when I was very young that life goes by so quickly. I am convinced that until you are in your 20s this doesn't seem like a real thing. It most definitely is. Jeff and I are assessing a lot lately where and how we are spending our precious time. Are we living enough? Are we exploring our city, eating delicious food, helping friends? Are we choosing to not give into stress and trust God? Blogging helps me capture life but it also encourages me to live it out. 

So all this to say - I have a lot of life coming up and therefore a lot of moments, travels and topics to write about. 

Thanks for sticking with me. I love you to the roses and back.


~ A ~